Top 3 SEO Trends in 2019

As Google, which is the most popular search engine on the planet, is struggling to become better than ever and is continuously changing its “robots,” SEO experts have to adapt and come up with new approaches. These represent SEO trends, and here are the top 3 SEO trends in 2019, so far.

In 2018, Google surprised everyone with its new focus on mobile- and speed-friendly features of the websites and the same trends are characterizing the beginning of the new year. Accordingly, SEO campaign must adapt to the novelties. Also, many non-Google trendsetters are influencing this industry, so we must take those into account, too.

Top 3 SEO Trends in 2019

Mobile-First Indexing

Google is making efforts to use the mobile version of sites for indexing and ranking purposes. That has started in March 2018, and the giant Internet company still uses it in 2019. That, however, doesn’t mean that the standard variants of the sites are excluded. Google, therefore, wants to force webmasters to focus on mobiles as smartphones and tablets are becoming the most used systems. Accordingly, you should not ditch working on the mobile version of your site.

Center on branding to give Google a ranking signal

The Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes said that Google focused its searching algorithm on online brand mentions, as reported by Search Engine Land. Every other website that mentions your brand (site’s name) helps Google see your page as an entity. By “seeing” all the websites that suggest your brand, Google decides whether your web page is an authority in a specific field or not. Besides, backlinks are still a strong ranking signal, and they would remain among the top SEO trends in 2019.

Page speed is crucial

Nowadays, on the brink of 5G network launch and with lightning-fast Internet connections, page speed is essential. Google has acknowledged that for some time now, and it focuses on that feature of the websites. That’s why website speed test should be one of the main features you need to consider while choosing web hosting provider. What is more, in July 2018, Google took that to the next level since it has taken mobile page speed’s into account for ranking ever since.

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