Top Clash of Clans Tips That Only Experts Know About in 2019

Ever wondered how to become a Clash of Clans expert? Playing a lot will definitely help you improve and evolve in the game. However, there are a couple of tips that can speed up the process. We will share with you some of the lesser known Clash of Clans secrets.

Use the right attack strategy for each Town Hall

You might find it difficult to have perfect attacks, but the truth is that there are strategies which can be learned. You just need to look up attack guides online. There are plenty of videos which will teach you all the strategies that you need to know. The attacks are adapted for all types of Town Hall levels and bases.

Learning which troops to use and how to direct them in an attack can help you have more successful results. It might take time to get used to certain strategies, but practice makes perfect. Try to experiment with various strategies until you discover the ones that you are familiar with.

Get rid of obstacles as soon as they show up

You might find it difficult to log in every day in order to keep your base clean, but you will discover that this is really helpful. Most of the time junk will offer you small rewards, including gems. You might also find gem boxes and coin boxes.

Keep your gems for the builders

When you are getting started you might be tempted to spend your gems on speeding up buildings. However, you need to make sure that you save up your resources in order to purchase builders. They are expensive, but they are vital for your base.


If you need to win gems you might want to take a look at the achievements page. Some of them will be completed as you play. All achievements offer gems as rewards.

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