Fuchsia OS That Will Replace Android, Eventually, Can Run on Google Pixel 3 Smartphones

The best part of Google’s Android smartphones is that they always get the most recent Android updates first and these patches are guaranteed for three years. While Google is still working on its Fuchsia OS which will eventually replace Android on smart devices, an indie developer proved that Google Pixel 3 smartphones could already run Fuchsia OS.

About Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia OS is Google’s future operating system for smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart speakers, IoT devices, as well as other gadgets. Fuchsia OS would eventually replace Android on these devices. However, Google did not officially reveal much on which devices would run Fuchsia, but we should expect it to replace Android and Chrome OS.

All we know about Fuchsia OS comes from recent leaks and rumors. We know, for example, how Fuchsia would look like in its first versions and that it can boot on several devices, but, for the moment, we can’t use it instead of Android or Chrome OS.

However, an indie developer installed Fuchsia OS on a Google Pixel 3 smartphone.

Fuchsia OS Can Run on Google Pixel 3 Smartphones

According to a recent blog post by 9to5Google, an indie developer managed to install and run Fuchsia OS on his Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone. The tech news portal reminds us that we’re still in the early days of booting Fuchsia OS and Android smartphones, so we shouldn’t try that ourselves.

“This includes booting the Zircon kernel (the absolute minimum software needed to run a device) via fastboot and displaying the Zircon virtual console (think like a command line) on the Pixel 3 XL screen. This console is the only UI though, as it doesn’t tap into any of the other layers of Fuchsia yet. There’s also no way to interact with the virtual console, as there’s no touch or USB support of any kind,” reported 9to5Google.

Fuchsia OS would come out in a few years, even though an exact release date is yet to be announced. The experiment the indie developer conducted proves that current Android smartphones would also be able to run Fuchsia when it rolls out.

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