Meizu Zero Is The Smartphone That Boasts Features Apple and Samsung Have Never Thought To Implement

Tech news portals have praised Vivo upcoming “Waterdrop” smartphone since the company announced it a few weeks ago. However, there is another Chinese smartphone, Meizu Zero, that boasts some features Apple and Samsung have never thought to implement in their latest or upcoming iPhone and Galaxy S models.

Meizu Zero has no buttons or holes. It also comes without any ports, meaning that it would charge and connect to other devices via Wireless USB technology. According to Meizu, the Meizu Zero smartphone would support wireless USB 3.0 tech which would give the phone “unrivaled transmission speed.” However, wireless USB technology isn’t popular at all, at the moment, but it defines the future of the industry.

Also, Meizu Zero boasts no speaker or earpieces, meaning that the Chinese smartphone would rely on the Meizu mSound 2.0 in-display sound technology which turns the device’s screen into one big speaker. That’s not new tech, however, as Samsung has its own in-display sound technology that we might experience on Galaxy S10 and other manufacturers also plan to use it.

Meizu Zero Is The Smartphone That Boasts Features Apple and Samsung Have Never Thought To Implement

As reported by the Chinese company, Meizu Zero has no buttons. Meizu Zero boasts in-display fingerprint sensors and a “Virtual Side Button,” as the company calls it, which would allow users to turn the volume up and down and lock or unlock the device. With the mEngine 2.0 haptic engine, the users would receive tactile feedback whenever a “virtual side button” is tapped.

But the most surprising feature of Meizu Zero is the lack of a SIM card tray. Instead, Meizu Zero supports eSIM technology, so it would work only with those carriers that support this tech.

Also, since there is no USB-C port, the Chinese smartphone would rely on wireless charging. Meizu Zero boasts 18W fast wireless charging, branded by the Chinese tech company as Super mCharge Wireless technology. The best part of it is that the smartphone will come with its original wireless charger in the box, so users won’t have to buy the charger separately.

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