Top 3 Most Popular Android Launchers

The most significant advantage Android operating system has over Apple’s iOS is the broad customization options. Thanks to them we can personalize our Android-running smartphones in almost every way we want. We can change the icon styles, the theme, the fonts, and so on. However, to do that we either need to download and install themes or to use Android launchers which would change the GUI of our smartphones almost entirely. And here is the top 3 most popular Android launchers.

Top 3 Most Popular Android Launchers

Microsoft Launcher

Initially called Arrow Launcher, the Microsoft Launcher have become one of the best and most popular launchers for Android. Microsoft Launcher is more than just a simple Android launcher, as it’s also boasting some tools for Windows PC users, besides new visuals and lots of gadgets and widgets.

The launcher is also coming out with lots of customization options. Practically, we can personalize everything with Microsoft Launcher, from the dark, light, or transparent themes to the style of the icons and the widgets. Nonetheless, Microsoft Launcher supports Cortana assistant.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers because it is the oldest one on the market. Nova Launcher is also allowing users to customize their Android smartphones entirely. It comes with lots of personalization options, letting users change the home screen as much as they like, their imagination being the only limitation.

This great launcher permits us to choose the aspect of the icons and search bar, change the theme and the themes’ colors, switch between different scroll effects, and change the style of the home screen, among many other features.

Evie Launcher

This Evie Launcher is another very popular launcher for Android, and it looks like the stock version of the Android operating system. It features a homepage and an app drawer, both of which are accessible by swiping up. With the app drawer, users can organize the applications in raws or columns, while the home screen drawer permits users to add and customize their widgets.

Evie Launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers thanks to its many customization options and extra features available under the Settings section.

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