Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Images Confirmed “Hole-Punch” Displays

Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup, the anniversary flagship that the South Korean company would launch soon, is only less than a month away. The series would roll out in two separated events scheduled for February 20th, 2019, and which would take place in San Francisco and London. But, lately, dozens of rumors and leaks on the device emerged on the Internet. The most recent Samsung Galaxy S10 leaked images confirmed the “hole-punch” displays.

AllAboutSamsung, a German tech news portal, revealed a set of photos of the yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, showing that both the devices would come out with “hole-punch” displays.  That technology, called “Infinity-O” by the South Korean company, is allowing smartphones to have very thin bezels.

From the Samsung Galaxy S10 leaked images, we can also learn that the upcoming flagship smartphones would come with a USB-C port and a headphone jack, despite the rumors that Samsung would ditch the 3.5-mm port.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Images Confirmed “Hole-Punch” Displays

“In contrast to the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy S10 only has a front camera on the front side, which is located in the display of both devices instead of above in the upper frame. Both devices come with a USB type C port and fortunately with a 3.5mm jack plug to listen to music,” the German site reported.

“On the back, there are three cameras this time, which are arranged next to each other. We haven’t received any further information on the specifications here – it’s quite possible that the specs published in July 2018 will remain the same. The boot logo will probably change by the way – the above devices are two prototypes We will try to get more pictures in the next days,” the German site continued.

We will find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup on February 20th when the new flagship smartphones of the South Korean tech giant would come out.

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