iPhone SE2 Release Date Soon – Why Do We Believe That?

Many smartphone manufacturers are dealing with a worldwide problem. The sales of smartphones began to fall, and the most affected ones are the top-end models. Even Apple is worried about the challenging situation with its trio of iPhones released last year in autumn. So the ground the company lost will be regained, will the go back to the iPhone SE and launch a second version? You can offer your answer, but some pointers justify this argument.

Apple Put up the Old iPhone SE for Sale and Got Sold

According to some news report from the past week, the US site of Apple put up on sale different models of the old iPhone SE offering discounts varying from $100 to $200. If we believe these reports, the phones were taken off the display on the site because the units offered got sold quickly. With that being said, this event can give Apple a clue that people want a second version of the iPhone SE.

iPhone XR Has Not Measured Up

When the iPhone SE was launched, it was considered a budget iPhone, just like the iPhone XR from last year. Apple should take into consideration the fact that they tried to offer the public another budget iPhone with a larger screen, but this tactic was not successful. The iPhone XR sold the best in markets such as India and China, but that is not enough. This is proof that even though Apple offers a budget iPhone with a bigger screen, its sales will still not grow. The iPhone SE, at the price of $300 to $350, was exactly what people were waiting for and Apple should offer again.

Do you think Apple will listen to its fans’ wishes and offer them a second version of the iPhone SE?

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  1. I personally don’t think it’s a ‘cost’ thing… it’s a ‘size’ thing.

    Not everyone wants an obtrusive phone that’s so big that it sticks out of their pocket. Not everyone wants a phone that’s so akeardly large (including the smallest version) that it requires a rediculous pop out disc to comfortably maneuver the device in one hand.

    Truth is, I’d pay $1k for a full screen high end 4” phone… I’d honestly rather hold onto my 6s (a phone that I despised from day one // the smallest quality phone offered) until someone gets it right. I’d even ditch iPhone if Google or Android figured it out first.

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