iPhone 11 Concept Buzz Keeps Going With A New, Realistic Vision Of The Triple Camera Setup

iPhone 11 (also dubbed XI by some) is the upcoming flagship device of Apple. iPhone 11 series would be the successor of the iPhone 2018 models, known as iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. Users would love to see many improvements in the future iPhone 2019 models, but at the moment we only rely on rumors and leaks as Apple did not reveal anything official about the upcoming iPhones. Now, the iPhone 11 concept buzz continues with a new and realistic vision of the triple camera setup the iPhone 11 would boast.

In previous visualizations of the upcoming iPhone 11, we could see several renders showing a squared module for the three main cameras the device would boast. In the latest iPhone 11 concept (see the video below), however, we have a new, realistic vision of the triple camera setup.

iPhone 11 Concept Buzz Keeps Going With A New, Realistic Vision Of The Triple Camera Setup

We believe the new concept is much closer to the Apple’s design line for iPhone X series, so it is likely to see that iPhone 11 would launch with a similar design of the module of its three main cameras. Besides, the new iPhone 11 concept is not showing much of the rest of the phone but mentions some of the possible specs the upcoming iPhone 11 would come out with, such as Apple A13 SoC and in-display fingerprint sensor, among others. Besides, Guhno Lee, who came up with this new iPhone 11 concept, even mimicked the Apple’s standard iPhone marketing videos.

According to other rumors and concepts, iPhone 11 would come out with a notch, but that’s less likely to happen since smartphone manufacturers intend to ditch the notch and come up with thinner, almost inexistent bezels. Also, iPhone 11 might replace the well-known quad-LED flash of the current iPhone models with a flash ring surrounding the camera/cameras module, a feature also revealed in the new iPhone 11 concept.

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