Android Q (Android 10) Would Include a Face ID-like Feature

Currently, the Android smartphone manufacturers that wanted to include face recognition functionalities had to build their own solutions from scratch or rely on basic face detection which others can trick with a simple photo. Android Q or Android 10 might change that, however, according to the folks from the XDA-Developers and 9to5Google. Accordingly, some code lines in the early build of Android Q revealed that the upcoming Google’s OS for mobiles boasts an Apple’s Face ID-like feature.

According to XDA-Developers and 9to5Google, Google is planning to implement a Face ID-like feature in its upcoming Android Q. However, the function would not only serve users to unlock their smartphones with ease, but it would also allow us to authorize purchases and sign into applications.

“<string name=”biometric_dialog_confirm”>Confirm</string>

<string name=”biometric_dialog_try_again”>Try again</string>

<string name=”accessibility_biometric_dialog_help_area”>Help message area</string>

<string name=”face_dialog_looking_for_face”>Looking for you…</string>

<string name=”kg_face_not_recognized”>Not recognized</string>

<string name=”kg_fingerprint_not_recognized”>Not recognized</string>,” read the code lines found by XDA-Developers in the early build of Android Q that they’ve already tested.

Android Q (Android 10) Would Include an Apple’s Face ID-like Feature

Android Q or Android 10 would come out in late summer, in case Google sticks to the last years’ patterns, so there’s no certainty that the Android Q final version would boast a fully operational Face ID-like feature. However, it would be an excellent move from Google, and it would help smartphone manufacturers a lot in implementing face recognition systems for their devices.

Also, a face detection tech already implemented by Google in Android Q by default would also benefit mid-range smartphone manufacturers who don’t have enough resources to build their own biometric software and add it over Google’s OS for mobiles. Nonetheless, in the end, it would be beneficial for users to increase the security of their future Android Q-based devices.

Besides this Face ID-like feature in Android Q, XDA-Developers also found recently that the upcoming Android version would come with enhanced privacy options, a system-wide dark mode, improved notification system, 5G support, new accessibility features, and many more. Also, it would be officially dubbed as Android 10, if we are to take the clock in the System UI Demo Mode, which shows 10:10, as a hint.

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