Clash Royale: Get More Victories With These Top-3 Tips

Clash Royale remains one of the most popular mobile games, at the moment, even though it rolled out in 2016. The game, which is the creation of Supercell (the same games studio behind the more recent Brawl Stars – also a significant success in the world of mobile gaming, so far), is a Clash of Clans spinoff with different, faster-paced gameplay. Clash Royale might seem challenging sometimes, so here are the top-3 tips that would help you get more victories.

Clash Royale is, after all, a real-time strategy game, so those gamers who would jump into a battle without any strategy in their minds, will, most likely, lose. So, building the right plan when it comes to both attacking and defending is what makes the difference in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale: Get More Victories With These Top-3 Tips

Learn how to play Clash Royale from the top players

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game, and the competitiveness between the players is what makes this title fun and addictive. Thanks to the in-game competition among gamers, the beginners can quickly check on how the top players play Clash Royale. Take some time studying the strategies applied by professional Clash Royale players and try to adapt and use them in your battles.

Play cards in combos

Clash Royale is mixing elements from genres like collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle. So, either to attack or defense your base in Clash Royale, you’ll have to play the right cards. You should learn when and how to correctly play your cards (troops, heroes, spells). But to get more victories, you must know when to play cards in combos, which is the best option to defeat opponents. Look for the so-called wombo-combo cards, and play them together.

Always go to battle with a mixed deck of cards

Never rely on a single type of cards. When going to battle, you should always join the fight with a mixed deck of cards. This way, you would be ready for anything and any situation that might occur during a battle in Clash Royale.

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