Intel Plans To Join The Emerging Folding Smartphone Market With A Surprising Concept

We expect Intel to keep on producing computer and smartphone components without releasing its hardware, as it’s been doing for many years. However, Intel plans to launch on the emerging folding smartphone market with a surprising concept of a foldable phone.

The folding smartphone market is emerging with Samsung releasing its Galaxy F foldable phone in February and Huawei planning to roll out its 5G folding smartphone later this year. Other manufacturers also struggle to take a share of this emerging market which, according to some specialists, might become very popular in the future.

Now, an Intel folding smartphone patent has been discovered by the folks at LetsGoDigital. It seems that Intel works on a foldable phone that would be different from what the Galaxy F and other upcoming folding smartphones would show. LetsGoDigital came up with renders of how the Intel folding smartphone would look like (you can see the image at the beginning of this article or the one below, for example).

Intel Plans To Join The Emerging Folding Smartphone Market With A Surprising Concept

Source: LetsGoDigital

What makes this Intel folding smartphone be a unique and surprising concept is that it boasts three screen areas instead of only two as the upcoming foldable phones of Samsung and Huawei, among others, would show. Nonetheless, the device can fold in virtually any way users would wish.

However, we don’t know if Intel is going to launch such a device, at least anytime soon. Also, the Intel folding smartphone concept might not be a hint that the chipset manufacturer is working on such a device, but might be an indication for Intel’s partners that the company can produce the necessary components for such a folding smartphone.

At the moment, Intel has not commented on these leaks, but, hopefully, they will come out to explain more about the Intel folding smartphone concept we can see above.

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