Netflix 6.24.0 Build 2 31642 Rolled Out on Android With Some Improvements

Netflix is, at the moment, the most popular streaming service. With Netflix, we can watch full-length movies, TV series, documentaries, and more. Netflix app on Android, for example, totals more than 500 million downloads, proving the popularity of the streaming service on mobiles. Now, Netflix 6.24.0 Build 2 31642 rolled out on Android with several improvements.

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997, and in 1998 it became the world’s first online DVD rental store. In 2000, when Netflix totaled 300,000 subscribers, Netflix’s founders declined a $50 million offer from Blockbuster, its rival at that time. In 2001, however, Netflix experienced massive growth, but the “dot-com bubble” burst and the September 11 WTC terrorist attacks affected the company in late-2001.

Fast forwarding, in 2007, Netflix moved from its core business, which was selling and renting DVDs, to offering videos on demand over the Internet, a business model quite similar to what the service is providing nowadays. By January 2013, Netflix totaled 29 million subscribers worldwide, but 27 million of them were US-based. Netflix started to expand globally and support other platforms, as well, thanks to the increased popularity of mobile devices.

Netflix 6.24.0 Build 2 31642 Rolled Out on Android With Some Improvements

Back on the Netflix app, Netflix streaming service is now the most popular streaming service on Android and iOS, totaling over 500 million users, worldwide on mobile platforms. Today, Netflix 6.24.0 Build 2 31642 rolled out on Android. The new version of the Netflix app on Android is not bringing any visual changes, but some enhancements under the hood.

“Someone eyeing your Netflix app on the bus? Make sure it’s the latest and greatest. Get the update for our best experience yet. No matter your mood – we’ve got options. In this version, we made player improvements to make watching them [videos] even better,” Netflix said in the Netflix 6.24.0 Build 2 31642 release notes.

“We’re working on the app experience. You work on what, when, and how you watch next. That’s equally as important,” Netflix added.

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