Pokemon Go 0.133.0 Update Is Now Available

Pokemon Go is still a very popular game on Android and iOS. Niantic, the game’s developer, is frequently bringing new content to Pokemon Go and rolls out special events such as the well-known Community Day. Nonetheless, Niantic is also releasing updates quite often to enhance the stability and performance of the game. Now, Pokemon Go 0.133.0 rolled out with some minor changes and improvements.

The gameplay of Pokemon Go is quite straightforward, in essence. Players, also known as coaches in the Pokemon universe, have to wander in parks and on streets to spot and catch Pokemons. Also, gamers can grab items that give them discounts on in-game objects or resources needed in the game.

Many special events take place in Pokemon Go, too. The most popular one, Community Day, offers the opportunity for gamers to catch Shiny variants of various Pokemon monsters, which are nothing else than regular Pokemons but with a particular outfit and at least one special move.

Pokemon Go 0.133.0 Update Is Now Available

In Pokemon Go, players have to catch Pokemon monster. Then, the characters can evolve in improved Pokemons with other properties. With its Gym battles, Pokemon Go special events, Raids, and lots of other fun features and activities, Pokemon Go remains one of the most popular and appreciate games for Android and iOS.

Going technical now, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game on both Android and iOS, but comes with in-app purchases, and runs smoothly on devices with at least 2 Gb of RAM and Android 7 or newer. The title can also run on smartphones and some tablets (not guaranteed) with fewer RAM and Android 4.4 or higher, but the game experience might not be smooth.

Now, Pokemon Go 0.133.0 update rolled out with some minor changes and improvements. The new version is already available for Android, and it comes with several under the hood modifications, such as various bug fixes and enhancements for stability and performance.

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