Step by Step Guide to Convert WMV Tech Tutorial to MP4 Format

Have you created a tech tutorial on your Windows PC? It could be about the demo for the new software which your company has recently launched. Now, you certainly want the demo to be viewed by all your potential customers. That’s great, but remember, each one from your targeted audience group may not open in Windows PC. In fact, most of them will prefer to open in on mobile phones. But when you create a video on Windows, you end up with the WMV format by default. This particular format is not always supported by other operating systems and browsing devices. For example, your WMV software demo may not be supported by your client’s Android mobile phone. Such situations call for video conversion from WMV to MP4 as MP4 is a widely supported format. You have video converter program to support you here.

The post below offers step by step guide on how to convert your WMV tech tutorial or demo into MP4 with the help of a video converter program.

Install the converter program

First, you will have to download & install the converter program in your system. But before you do the download, it’s better to get a comparative study on at least 5-6 video conversion programs around. Go for a reputed name, flanked by rave reviews. Movavi Video Converter will be a good solution for you here. Movavi is an internationally reputed software company and its converter program assures compatibility with 180+ media formats and 200+ mobile devices.

Add your WMV file

After you install the program, go to the program window and look for something like “Add Media”. Click on it and then click on “Add Video”. It will allow you to access and bring your WMV tech demo to the converter program window.

Edit the file

You certainly want a professional looking video for your new product. So, before you start the conversion, check whether or not the video needs some kind of modifications. For example, you may discover an unwanted lengthy clip which should be trimmed down in the final version. A leading converter program generally hosts an innate editor tool that will help you with the necessary cuts, trims and other tweaks & adjustments. You will even be able to adjust the audio and stabilize shaky clips, if any.

Choose output format

Now, we have reached at the main step of the conversion process. This is where you will have to choose output format for the video to be converted. As mentioned earlier, you will go for the MP4 format. Look for “Video” tab on the program window menu and click on it. It will open up a list of media formats to be chosen. Select MP4 from the list and also specify the preferred resolution.

Go for conversion

Finally, it’s time to convert the WMV file into MP4. So, look for something like “Convert” tab. Click on it and the converter program will start the conversion immediately. After the conversion is over, the converter file will be saved in the library of the converter software.

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