Brawl Stars 15.140 Update Is Live With New Content And A Brand New Mythic Brawler

Brawl Stars is the latest creation of Supercell, the devs behind the famous Clash of Clans and Clash Royale mobile games. Brawl Stars is also a very successful title, already totaling hundreds of millions of downloads on Android and iOS and grossing millions of dollars for Supercell with its in-app purchases. Brawl Stars 15.140 update has just rolled out with new content and a brand new Brawler, Gene.

Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer mobile game which combines action with real-time strategy and Battle Royale. The game comes with a multitude of game modes, each with its own gameplay and goals. Therefore, we have Gem Grab (a 3v3 mode in which two teams of players fight each other to collect gems), Showdown (the Battle Royale game mode in Brawl Stars), Bounty, Heist (gamers have to crack the opponents’ safe and earn resources), and Brawl Ball (show off your soccer skills and score two goals to win).

Also, Supercell is frequently hosting Special Events in Brawl Star, either limited time special PvE or PvP game modes.

Brawl Stars 15.140 Update Is Live With New Content A Brand New Mythic Brawler

In Brawl Stars, there are many Brawlers (fighters) to unlock, each having its characteristics and skills. You have to collect in-game resources and unlock new Brawlers or upgrade those that you already have with unique special abilities or skins. The new version, Brawl Stars 15.140, brings new content in this regard by adding a new Mythic Brawler to the game, one called Gene.

According to the official release notes of Brawl Stars 15.140 update, “Gene is a versatile support Brawler who can engage enemies at any range! Gene’s Super launches a magical hand from his lamp, dragging an enemy to his location.”

Besides, the new Brawl Stars 15.140 will “Celebrate the Lunar New Year with three new skins and a new environment starting on January 31st, 2019.” Also, the new version comes with new skins for Bull, Poco and Rico, new Brawler models, effects and voiceovers, as well as with bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

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