Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Surface Pro 6 rolled out about four months ago, but speculations on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7 are already shaping up on the Internet. We expect the next-gen device to be thinner than its predecessor and a more performant processor and higher internal storage. Here’s everything we know so far about Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

What To Expect From Microsoft Surface Pro 7?

Undoubtedly, the Surface Pro series of Microsoft represents a significant improvement in technology, in general, and in convertible tablet, in particular. While Surface Pro 6, which rolled out in October 2018, was well-received by customers, we also expect Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to be very appreciated once it launches this year.

Regarding the design, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would come out with a thinner case, slimmer bezels around the display, and rounded corners. Some expect that Surface Pro 7 to look similar to Apple’s iPad Pro tablets. Also, the keyboard of the Surface Pro 7 would be thinner than that of Surface Pro 6.

As for the technical specs, Surface Pro 7 would boast either 8 or 16 GB of RAM, similar to the last year’s Surface Pro 6, but it would come with a larger storage unit and more performant processor. The device might come out with other changes as well, but at the moment we heard nothing about them.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Release Date

The 2018 Surface Pro 6 came out in October of the last year. Rumors indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would roll out in Q4 2019, most likely, in October 2019, too. Accordingly, we expect Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to launch in October 2019, although it might come out later this year.

Nonetheless, along with the rollout of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet-computer device, we expect the giant tech company to launch a new Surface laptop and a Surface Go device, as well. The Surface Go series is Microsoft’s mid-range, affordable-priced tablets lineup.

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