Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will be 20% Thinner than its Predecessor: When will it be Released?

Microsoft will launch its own flagship device in 2019, and that is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Its coming out is supposed to be in October this year based on what expectations indicate. Four months ago the Surface Pro 6 came out, but even though it did not happen too much time ago, speculations about the next member of the series are getting more and more day by day.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: What to Expect?

The Surface Pro series of devices is considered a major innovation in technology. Many even think that the future of technology stays in these devices. The traditional computers are said to be replaced by these convertible 2-in-1 innovations.

The Surface Pro 6, the latest version of the Surface Pro tablet, came out last year in October. Let’s see what we expect from the 2019 model:

Design: Regarding the design, we expect the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to be thinner than its predecessors. In addition to that, the 2019 variant is also likely to come with a thinner keyboard. The design itself is expected to be similar to Apple’s recent iPad Pro devices. Its overall shape is expected to be more rounded than previously.

Specifications: Compared to the version from last year, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is expected to be thinner with 20%. However, we should not expect too much of a change in the specifications department. However, the built-in storage and the processor might get improved. In addition to this, nothing else should be expected.

When is Microsoft Surface Pro 7 release date expected?

Are you excited for this tablet? Then you should know that the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is expected to be released around the same time as in 2018.  Usually, the flagships the company wants to produce will be announced early in Q4. Nothing should be changed this year regarding this.

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