MX Player 1.10.37 Came Out Today With Several Changes and Enhancements

MX Player, the creation of J2 Interactive, is the most performant video player for Android, as it comes with support for advanced hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, gesture controls, and virtually any subtitle formats. Today, January 30th, MX Player 1.10.37 came out with several changes and enhancements.

MX Player Is The Best Video Player For Android

MX Player comes with advanced hardware acceleration, made possible thanks to the J2 Interactive’s new HW+ decoder. The superior hardware acceleration allows users to watch videos at higher quality.

Also, MX Player boasts multi-core decoding which means that the player is using the computing power of the smartphone’s CPU, resulting in superior quality. According to some tests, MX Player runs by 70% better on multi-core devices than on single-core ones. Nonetheless, MX Player comes with gesture control for videos and subtitles. Users can pinch the screen to zoom-in/zoom-out or swipe the display to pan the screen.

With so many features, MX Player is the best video player for Android, plus that it comes with support for virtually any subtitle formats and a lock feature for kids.

MX Player 1.10.37 Came Out Today With Several Changes and Enhancements

According to the release notes posted on Google Play Store, the new MX Player 1.10.37 brings back the dark mode theme for Indian users, a new “More” menu for local files, plus a brand new Content Preferences tab on the Me section, where users can tweak settings to get only the content that interests them.

Besides these additions, according to the Google Play Store description of the new version, MX Player 1.10.37 also fixed “background playback issues on recent releases, the quality switching glitches on the online player, and some navigation bar bugs on dark mode. Also, J2 Interactive implemented some stability and performance improvements in the new MX Player 1.10.37 update.

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