PS5 New Leaks: Added Power and Possible Release Date

Almost have years have passed since Sony unleashed the PlayStation 4. The console became a hit, selling more than 80 million units by the summer of 2018.

While a beefier version has been offered in the form of the PS4 Pro, some of the fans are already looking forward to the next member of the PlayStation family. Below you can find a selection of known information and rumors that concern the future device.

Possible Release Date

A possible release date is not yet known. Sony executives have confirmed that the company is already working on the console and the development period could be quite long. A high-ranking Sony employee has declared during an interview offered in May 2018 that the next major jump in graphics could take place in the next two or three years, hinting a possible release date of 2020 or 2021.

Industry sources claim that the console will arrive earlier, most likely during the holiday season of 2019. The claim seems to be based on the fact that Sony decided to skip E3 2019, a choice that has been interpreted by some as a sign that the company is working on a big project.

Added Power

It is likely that the new generation will be able to play games at a native [email protected] without any problems. More power is always great but Sony will also take into account the price of the improved performance

Spec List

It is thought that the PS5 will use an advanced AMD processor. Some believe that Sony will pick an 8-core Zen GPU that will be paired with one of the upcoming Navi GPUs that are made by the same company. A bigger storage unit and a 4K Blue-ray player could also make an appearance.

Backwards Compatibility

The decision to remove backwards compatibility on PS4 lead to a disappointed fan base and many hoped that PS5 will be backwards compatible with the previous consoles.

Price Matters

Since the specs remain unknown it is hard to make a reasonable estimation, but it should be on bar with the one of the future Xbox. It is likely that the price will remain affordable as the companies will earn a huge profit from the games that made for the consoles.

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