Samsung Galaxy S10E (Lite) Appears In Official Renders, Reportedly

While Samsung Galaxy S10 (standard version) and S10 Plus are generating a huge buzz, at the moment, and appear in the majority of the most recent leaks, now we’re going to talk about Samsung Galaxy S10E (popularly dubbed Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite). Reportedly, the first official renders of the device appeared on the Internet, says the German tech news site WinFuture.

“The Samsung Galaxy S10E, where Samsung probably uses a small ‘E’ as name suffix, will differ in some points from the larger and more expensive models. Of course, the size is particularly striking in comparison, as the display is much smaller with a 5.8-inch diagonal than the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. Moreover, the panel is completely flat and not rounded to the back at the sides as it is the case with the other models,” the German tech news site reported in an article.

Another difference would be that Samsung ditched the implementation of an in-display fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S10E (Lite). Instead, the South Korean company decided to adopt a Sony Xperia-like concept, meaning that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Lite would boast a fingerprint reader to the right side of the device. Thus, the power button also becomes the fingerprint reader.

Samsung Galaxy S10E (Lite) Appears In Official Renders, Reportedly

As for the allegedly official Samsung Galaxy S10E renders, you can see them below, courtesy of WinFuture, a German tech news portal.

Samsung Galaxy S10E would come out on February 20th, along with its “big brothers,” Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, and it would boast 6 Gb of RAM, 128 Gb of internal storage, and a dual-camera system on the back. Also, it would pack either Exynos or a Snapdragon chipset, but we don’t have further details on the specific SoC models that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite would equip.

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