Gmail Update on Android to Receive New Inbox Features 

In case you forgot about the existence of the Google Inbox, we must let you know that technically it is still available until March 2019. However, in September 2018 Google announced that it will shut it down so it is clear that you might have already moved by now. Unfortunately for Google Inbox users, this app was only used by the mother company to test out possible features for Gmail. Speaking of which, not too much time ago it got a major makeover. According to a Redditor on the /r/Google subreddit Gmail will begin to look similar to Google Inbox very soon as its useful features will be introduced.

Is this leak true?

A Redditor provided the screenshot you can see above claiming that it came from a Google Internal Testing build. The new Material Theme redesign that has just been introduced can be clearly seen there, but, in addition to that, we can also see the pinned items, the bundles, and the reminders. We still do not know if the Google Tasks system will benefit from the reminders or if the Google Assistant will take up that job. We got our hopes up that this leak is not fake.

What is the deadline?

If you are a fan of the Inbox Application from Google, you can use Inboxit by XDA Senior Member SagiLo as a replacement to use one of Google’s program most used features until it is introduced to Gmail as well. The Gmail development team is still working on providing all these features to its users according to /u/moodio. However, as the deadline is in March, we can at least expect that at least a part of the features will be ported by then.

What do you think about Google Inbox? Should Gmail become similar?

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