iOS 13 Would Get System-Wide Dark Mode, And, Now, Here’s How It Might Look Like

While at the moment the only method to get the dark theme on iOS devices is to activate the so-called “smart invert” feature, but it is problematic, for the time being. Reportedly, iOS 13 would come out with a system-wide dark mode. Now, here’s how it might look like.

iOS 13 To Receive a System-Wide Dark Mode

Now, that Mac devices got their system-wide dark mode thanks to the latest macOS Mojave version, it is the right time for iOS-based smartphones and tablets to get a similar mode. As reported by XDA-Developers, iOS 13 might come with a system-wide dark mode of its own.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the dark mode in iOS 13 would roll out across all the iPhone and iPad applications, meaning that common apps like dialer, contacts, iMessages, and Settings, as well as the menus, would get the upcoming dark theme. Also, the article on Bloomberg said that the dark mode would also support the main third-party apps on iOS 13.

Here’s How The Dark Mode in iOS 13 Might Look Like

Now, we don’t know for sure how Apple thought the upcoming iOS 13 dark mode, but we can get a glimpse of how it might look like thanks to a one-year-old iOS 12 concept. As we know, iOS 12 is not boasting a system-wide dark theme, so the concept might still apply to iOS 13, the mobile operating system that Apple plans to launch in fall 2019.

Nonetheless, the dark mode is beneficial for users and, as Google and other tech companies, even Apple, are already implementing it in some of their apps, programs, and products, the Cupertino-based company might also add it to iOS 13 as it has already done it in macOS Mojave. The dark mode helps users reduce the strain of staring at a bright screen, while it can also save the devices’ battery since the screens consume less power to display dark color than when showing bright ones.

Here is the iOS 12 concept that offers us a preview of how the dark mode on iOS 13 might look like:

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