Clash Royale: The New Update Comes with a New Card, New Game Modes and Improve Trading

It’s January, which means we’ll get the new update. With this update, we’ll get a brand new card, arena, and new gameplay modes.

On Monday, we got the Clash Royale update. The update is balanced and comes with tweaks and changes that take place in 10 troops and spells.

We’ve written this article to give you everything you need to know about this new update.

New Card

We’re looking forward to seeing this new card hit the arena. We’re talking about Wall Breakers. Of course, it was borrowed from Clash of Clans, and they’re basically a pair of skeleton minions – each one of them carries an explosive barrel of dynamite. Their target is towers, and when they get to one, their damage is huge. We’re not sure which Arena will be unlocked, but we think we’ll be surprised with Arena 12 – Spooky Town.

Game Modes

The year of Hogs. This is the brand new game mode that is about to meet the light of the day. It will come with Royal Hogs that spawn every 12 seconds behind your towers or the opponent’s towers. The battle will progress, which means that the elixir will ramp up, and also the Royal Hogs that are spawned. 2v2 is nothing when put face to face with Royal Hogs.

There’s also a mini collection mode, which is similar to Clan Wars Battle Day. Here, you and your enemy are given 40 cards from which you’ll need to create your battle decks. With this new mode, you’ll have to exploit your deck building skills and, why not, try new things.

Improvements in trading

You will now be able to choose four different cards that you are willing to exchange for another one – with another player, of course. If that person accepts the trade, they’ll get to choose which card they want, and then the trade is made. It’s easier to negotiate the trades now because there are many options available for other players.

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