Microsoft Edge for Android Launched With New Changes and Improvements

If you’re tired of using Google Chrome on your Android devices, there is Microsoft Edge, an excellent alternative to Chrome. With a user-friendly interface and lots of exciting features, Microsoft Edge gained traction in the universe of Android apps and became quite popular, lately. Now, Microsoft Edge for Android rolled out with new changes and improvements. Let’s see what it’s all about!

Microsoft Edge comes with a whole bunch of features, some of which are pretty useful. So, we have a reliable ad-blocker in Microsoft Edge and the impressive Reading View which allows us to reorganize the content on a website to make it easier to read. Also, Microsoft Edge for Android syncs with Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge, so you can continue browsing the Internet on your smartphone from where you left on Windows 10.

Also, Microsoft Edge for Android allows users to sign in with their Microsoft accounts, search on Bing and earn points that they can redeem later, all that via the Microsoft Rewards program.

Microsoft Edge for Android Launched With New Changes and Improvements

But there are many more features in Microsoft Edge for Android. For example, Microsoft Edge also comes with a Camera Search feature which permits users to perform a search by taking a photo of something or using an image in their camera roll. Besides, Microsoft Edge for Android allows us to have Reading List, History, and Books all in one place.

As for the new Microsoft Edge for Android, the official release notes read: “Thank you for using Microsoft Edge! We’re listening to your feedback and updating the app regularly to bring you the best browsing experience across your devices.”

Accordingly, the new version of Microsoft Edge for Android only comes with several under the hood changes and improvements, mostly regarding stability and performance.

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