Opera Touch 1.15.2 for Android Rolled Out With Improvements

Opera Touch is the new approach from Opera regarding Internet browsers for smartphones. It is an excellent alternative to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and it’s specially designed to make it straightforward to use it with only one hand so that you can navigate the Internet on the go with ease. Today, Opera Touch 1.15.2 for Android came out with several improvements.

Opera Touch Is An Excellent Internet Browser for Android

Opera Touch boasts a few handy features that would make it more straightforward for users to navigate on the Internet. It comes with a built-in ads-blocker that speeds up browsing when activated by blocking those intrusive ads which, otherwise, would make a specific website load slow.

Besides, Opera Touch syncs with the Opera browser on computers so that you can experience a seamless web browsing across your devices. Nonetheless, it also comes with tools for secure and safe browsing, instruments that would keep your device free of malicious software even when you’re navigating on untrusted or low-profile sites.

In short, Opera Touch for Android is an excellent Internet browser as it is fast, user-friendly, and secure.

Opera Touch 1.15.2 for Android Rolled Out With Improvements

“Thanks for choosing Opera Touch! This release introduces greater control over browser configuration. There are also bug fixes and tweaks to make Opera Touch even better,” the official release notes of the new Opera Touch 1.15.2 version read.

Accordingly, the new Opera Touch 1.15.2 update is not boasting any visible changes, but, under the hood, it comes with many improvements regarding performance and stability, as well as with some additional options to configure the browser as you want.

The Opera Touch 1.15.2 is already available on the Google Play Store or APK sites, in case you prefer them, so you should give it a try in case you didn’t do that already.

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