PlayStation 5 Might Indeed Come Out With Backwards Compatibility, A Sony Patent Suggests

Some rumors have already said that PlayStation 5, the next-generation console of Sony, might launch with backwards compatibility. Now, a patent filed by Sony suggests that the rumors might indeed be accurate and that Sony PlayStation 5 would roll out with backwards compatibility, indeed.

The video gaming industry has evolved a lot in the last few years, and the market of consoles represents a priority for companies like Sony and Microsoft, especially since their dominance has been shaken up pretty good by Nintendo Switch which was the absolute leader regarding sales in 2018. That’s why both Sony and Microsoft are working on improved next-generation consoles.

Sony, for its part, is struggling to surpass Microsoft’s next Xbox (Xbox Scarlett, as we know it so far) with its PlayStation 5. Even though some rumors have it that Xbox Scarlett would be much better than PS5, the PlayStation 5 might come out with a feature that might attract more customers – backwards compatibility.

A Sony Patent Suggests That PlayStation 5 Might Indeed Come Out With Backwards Compatibility

Sony filed a patent that suggests that backwards compatibility would come out for PlayStation 5. The best part of it is that it would allow players to run any games of the previous consoles. That means PS5 would permit us to play titles that have been initially released for PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and even PlayStation 4.

That is a feature that the PlayStation 4 users have been asking for some time now, and, if the patent would eventually come to fruition, Sony might become the bestselling next-generation console, surpassing Xbox Scarlett and the whatever variant of Nintendo Switch would be on the market by then.

As for the PlayStation 5 release date, rumors suggested that the Sony’s next-generation console would come out in 2020. We might find out more about PlayStation 5 and when it would come out around May when Sony would sustain a press conference where some essential details would be revealed.

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