Brawl Stars Tips: Best Brawlers For Beginners

Brawl Stars is the most recent release coming from Supercell, the games studio behind great projects such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. For its part, Brawl Stars was quick to become a successful title on Android and iOS, and it already grossed millions for Supercell via in-app purchases. The game might look challenging for first-time players, so to offer you a goods start in the game, here are some Brawl Stars tips. Today we’ll talk about the best Brawlers for beginners.

Brawlers are what Supercell decided to call the characters (fighters) in the game. There are 22 such characters in Brawl Stars, and the devs plan to add some more of them. However, each Brawler has its unique characteristics and skills, so choosing the right one might decide your victory in the many different game modes in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Tips: Best Brawlers For Beginners


Shelly is the first Brawler you unlock in Brawl Stars, but she’s not a popular character in the game because of that. In reality, Shelly is an excellent fighter in Brawl Stars, as she is deadly at close range thanks to her shotgun, while she’s also fast helping you achieve victory without much struggle.


Poco is the healer in Brawl Stars. He, therefore, can heal himself as well as other teammates, so he is one of the best Brawlers for beginners. Poco is excellent for teams, but, when playing with him, you must be aware of where your teammates and enemies are on the map. Also, his superpowers are not affecting the opponents.


Any Brawl Stars tips list of the best Brawlers for beginners should include Barley. He is classified as “Thrower,” and he is excellent in cutting off the enemies’ escape routes with its acid vials. Also, Barley is a great Brawler when it comes to long-range attacks as his special move can eliminate a group of enemies at once. But when Barley is closer to target, his powers are more destructive, too.

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