Clash of Clans 2019 – What Does The Latest Update Bring?

Clash of Clans is still going strong and millions of users play it. One of the reasons for its success is the fact that Supercell works hard to constantly improve it. Regular updates seem to be the secret for its success and they transformed Clash of Clans into one of the most profitable mobile games.

A new APK update was recently released for Clash of Clans and it brought several improvements for the game. Let’s check the new additions together.

Improvements for some defenses

The new update has the 11.185.8 number. The update comes with multiple changes and enhancements. For example, the Multiple Mortar received an upgrade. After this defense got an upgrade, it is even more powerful than it was before.

The Archery Tower was improved as well. It is possible for the tower to switch between different shooting speeds and attack range. For example, it can reduce the original range to half, but shoot twice as fast. Each “mode” has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Brand new troops

The update also brought new troops. For example, players can now use Cannon wheels. The new troops are cannons that can be used during battles. They can be wheeled in and they are quite powerful. The new version also added the Bomber to the game. This is a skeleton that shoots bombs. It is very similar to the Wall Breakers, but this time they won’t die after firing.

New structures

The latest Clash of Clans updates also added new structures and improvements. The Mine of Gems offers free gems and the Clock Tower can be used to accelerate buildings and troop training. The Crusher represents the latest Clash of Clans defence and it can crush ground troops.

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