Crackdown Is Now Free For Xbox, Ahead of Crackdown 3 Release Date

Microsoft is now offering free digital copies of Crackdown. This special offer seems to prepare the fans of the series for the Crackdown 3 release date which is scheduled for in about eight days.

Crackdown Is Now Free For Xbox

Crackdown rolled out initially for Xbox 360, and it has been a very successful release since its first days on the market. Over time, with the rollout of Xbox One and backward compatibility, Crackdown became playable on Xbox One systems, too.

When it first came out on Xbox 360, in 2007, Crackdown was quick to become a successful title. The superhero-style power fantasy gameplay attracted many players who became hooked on the title. Now, those who want to play the game again or gamers who have never had the chance to play Crackdown have the opportunity to get the title for free.

The Crackdown version for Xbox One would be an optimized variant of the original game, with improved graphics, 4K resolution, and modern performance enhancements for the game to load faster than on Xbox 360.

Crackdown 3 Release Date

Crackdown 3 is the next installment in the Crackdown franchise. The game will launch on February 15th of this year after its launch has been postponed since 2017 when the game should’ve come out, initially. Last summer, in 2018, Microsoft Studios delayed the Crackdown 3 release date once again, and last fall, the publisher announced the final release date – February 15th, 2019.

In Crackdown 3, players would once again impersonate powerful Agents in an open-world environment. The upcoming release of the series would sport both single-player and co-op modes. However, to play Crackdown 3 online, you must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

In conclusion, Crackdown, the first release in the series, is now free on Xbox, ahead of Crackdown 3 release date. Crackdown 3 would come out on February 15th, 2019, exclusively on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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