iPhone 11 With iOS 13 Dark Mode Revealed in New Renders

Lately, almost every app, video streaming platform, and even some websites are sporting a sort of a dark mode, sometimes also called dark theme or night mode. Dark mode, therefore, became a very popular feat nowadays. And some rumors emerged over the Internet saying that iOS 13 would come out with a dark theme included. To get a glimpse of how that might look like, here are some new renders showing the upcoming iPhone 11 with iOS 13 dark mode.

In the smartphone market, since more and more devices boast OLED technology, the displays ability to create exact black nuances generated the struggle of the smartphone, operating system, and app manufacturers to come up with the perfect dark mode. While some users consider the so-called night mode useless, in reality, it might be helpful.

First, a dark mode would reduce the strain of staring at a bright screen in low-light conditions. Secondly, a dark mode would also lower battery consumption since it’s less demanding for the displays to show darker colors than bright ones.

iPhone 11 With iOS 13 Dark Mode Revealed in New Renders

Thanks to Phone Arena, we can now see how an iPhone 11 with iOS 13 dark mode looks like in new renders. “We thought we’d let the creative juices flow and imagine what the new Dark Mode could look like in iOS 13, on the iPhone XI (a.k.a iPhone 11, because who knows – Roman numerals could have been an anniversary-only thing for Apple). Anyway, here’s what we’d like to see from the new Dark Mode in iOS 13,” Phone Arena reported.

This new iOS 13 dark mode imagined on iPhone 11 by Phone Arena doesn’t “just inverts whites, also subdues and limits other colors as much as possible. For example, instead of using solid, colorful toggles for various settings when they are enabled, a colorful outline can convey just as much information, without emitting unnecessary light.”

In the end, we have to admit that iPhone 11 with iOS 13 dark mode looks impressive. It’s changing the user experience, nonetheless, but we also hope that Apple will come up with other significant changes in its upcoming iOS 13.

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