Sony Xperia XA3, The Next Mid-Range Phone of Sony, Might Boast A Movie-Friendly 21:9 Display

Sony’s mobile division is passing through a very harsh period now, but it’s struggling to turn the tides with its upcoming smartphones. One of Sony’s next mid-range phone, Sony Xperia XA3, might come out with a movie-friendly 21:9 display. That’s an excellent aspect ratio for modern, widescreen videos, but it might prove to be annoying for those vids in other aspect ratios since black bars would occupy a more significant part of the screen.

While we don’t know for sure which Sony smartphone would be the first to boast this 21:9 display, since many reports are indicating at different upcoming devices, WinFuture, the portal which posted the first images of the smartphone, hinted to Sony Xperia XA3, the next mid-range phone of Sony.

On the other hand, LetsGoDigital reported that Sony Xperia XZ4 would come out with something called “CinemaWide.” Nonetheless, maybe we could see that movie-friendly 21:9 display on both Xperia XA3 and XZ4.

Sony Xperia XA3, The Next Mid-Range Phone of Sony, Might Boast A Movie-Friendly 21:9 Display

But, according to WinFuture, a German tech portal, leaked images of the upcoming Sony Xperia XA3 indicate to a movie-friendly 21:9 display. Also, the same photos revealed a dual-camera setup on the back of the device and USB-C port.

“On the back of the new Sony smartphone, which is probably fitted with a plastic housing that will be available in a range of colors (at least black, silver, blue, and pink), there is a dual camera unit with a dual LED flash arranged above it. At the bottom of the case, there are two clearly separated speaker outlets, between which, there is the USB-C port for power supply and data transfer,” WinFuture reported on Sony Xperia XA3.

We will definitely find out more about the upcoming Sony Xperia XA3 and XZ4 devices, as long as the other devices in the Xperia series, at the MWC 2019 where Sony would present its future smartphones.

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