HP Works On A High-Resolution VR Headset For The Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Platform

According to RoadToVR, HP is currently working on a high-resolution VR headset that the company plans to use with the Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform. It seems, also, that the upcoming HP VR Headset, codenamed “Copper,” would boast a higher res than the HTV Vive Pro. Besides, “Copper” seems more comfortable and user-friendly than all the other HP’s VR headsets.

At the moment, we don’t know when the new HP VR headset would roll out or at what price, but we do know that it would feature a resolution 2160 × 2160 pixels per eye. That’s higher res than those boasted by both HTC Vive Pro (14440 x 1600) and the Oculus Rift (1080 x 1200).

Besides HP, both Google and LG work on super high-resolution VR headsets, and both companies promised to come up with VR helmets with a resolution as high as 4,000 pixels per eye. At the moment, these devices are only prototypes, so it could take a while until we see them on the market.

HP Works On A High-Resolution VR Headset For The Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Platform

The folks from RoadToVR have the opportunity to test the upcoming HP VR headset dubbed as “Copper.” According to them, Copper “has a distinct Rift-like look to it; a slim, top-strap design with sleek headphones attached to the headband.”

“Upon closer inspection, the rear of the headset sees the top and side straps culminate in a circular structure (designed to cup the back of your head), while the front is encompassed by a heathered material into which the front-facing cameras are embedded,” RoadToVR added.

“Copper is the direct result of feedback from HP’s enterprise and commercial customers who were already using the company’s existing headset. Overwhelmingly that feedback was ‘resolution, resolution, resolution,’ followed secondarily by ‘comfort,'” said John Ludwig, Product Manager for VR at HP, to Ben Lang from RoadToVR, the one who tested the new HP VR headset.

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