Clash of Clans Best Guide for A Starter Builder Base

Being a beginner means that you are in the process of learning how is it like to play Clash of Clans. To make that easier for you and considering that you already know what the game is about, we provided below a few tips in three categories that might help you get started.


During your active shield, you should never attack. Enemy attacks are no threat to you as long as you have this shield on as it provides protection. Attacking during this time will reduce the protective shield’s time to be on you. Later in the game, the Guard feature was added which allows players to openly attack during a small amount of time received after the shield expires.


Joining a clan should be your priority. The maximum number of players accepted in a clan is 50, and they are allowed to chat with each other, donate troops to each other (in Clan Castle), plan strategies and many more. In addition to that, the layout your clan mates have can also be copied in the game. The only condition to join a clan is to have built a clan castle before.

Builder Base

Many features were added later on in the game, and that includes the builder base. This consists of a second base that you can switch to. The exclusivity lies in both bases. However, if you want to provide your village some special upgrades, your master builder can visit the home base. Home base has a different gameplay algorithm than the builder base. The winner, based on the number of maximum stars achieved in the attack, is decided and you are picked against an opponent in real-time. The player with a higher destruction percentage is considered a winner in case they have an equal number of stars.

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