Pokemon GO and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Connection issue

Pokemon GO is still going strong and developers make sure that new updates are added regularly so that people cannot get bored. However, players were disappointed recently. The game has a brand new Meltan event that could reward a Mystery Box. Thanks to the box the Meltan should come out in the Wild, which is a great price, as the Pokemon is quite rare.

However, the event was supposed to make players connect Pokemon GO and Pokemon: Let’s Go!. The bad news is that this didn’t work as it was supposed to. People complained about not being able to connect the two games, which made it impossible for them to get the Mystery Box.

Getting the Meltan

In order to get the exclusive Meltan, players need to connect the smartphone game Pokemon GO with the Switch game Pokemon: Let’s Go. Then they had to trade a Pokemon from the first game to the Go Park of the other one. By doing this a Mystery Box would become available in Pokemon GO. Once the box is opened by players, they are given a period of time in which they can hunt as many Meltan as they can find.

The solutions

If you are one of the players that couldn’t connect the games, there is no reason to worry. It appears that there is a solution for this issue and it is a simple one as well. The fix was posted on Twitter by Niantic Support.

“Trainers, we have confirmed that the latest update to the Nintendo Switch is affecting the ability to connect to Pokémon GO. Disconnecting Pokémon GO and restarting your Switch by holding the power button for 3 seconds should allow you to reconnect,” announced a tweet posted by Niantic Support.

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