Google News 5.8.0 Rolled Out And Google Promised It Would Fix Some Annoying Bugs

Google News is maybe the largest and most popular news aggregator in the whole world. What’s for sure at the moment is that Google News is one class above other similar portals such as Bing News. However, that doesn’t mean that the platform is free of bugs and other issues, but Google is working to solve out the most annoying ones. Now, Google News 5.8.0 rolled out with some bug fixes and improvements.

With lots of new features added since Google News changed its interface and integrated AI features, the portal is now boasting some functions to help each user stay updated with stories he/she cares about. “With Your Briefing feature, easily stay in the know about what’s important and relevant to you. Your briefing updates throughout the day are bringing you the top stories you need to know, including local stories, national news, and world content,” Googe News description reads.

Besides, to understand the full context of a story, tap on Full Coverage and access everything that’s online about a story, including different perspectives, a timeline of critical events, FAQs, essential people for the story, and more. Google News would organize the coverage on specific news for you to access only what’s significant.

Google News 5.8.0 Rolled Out And Google Promised It Would Fix Some Annoying Bugs

Google News is promising to list only those credible sources which post quality content from a diverse set of reliable publishers. Also, you can set up the application to only display those topics that interest you. That’s one excellent feature if you just don’t want to browse an entire category for the news you care about.

Now, Google News 5.8.0 rolled out with new enhancements and issues fixes. According to Google, the latest version of Google News, which is already available on the Google Play Store, comes with bug fixes and several stability and performance improvements.

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