Pokemon Go 0.133.1 Is Now Available On Google Play Store

Pokemon Go is remained one of the most popular mobile games even now, two years after it launched initially. Nonetheless, a significant part of the title’s success on both Android and iOS is the Niantic’s involvement in the application. That’s why Niantic is frequently releasing updates, brings new content in the game, and sustains Pokemon Go events such as the famous Community Day. Now, Pokemon Go 0.133.1 is available on Google Play Store.

Pokemon Go boasts lots of fun features, such as the Trainer Battles where two coaches fight or practice battles against the team leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche. Trainers who take part in this mode obtain rewards and have the chance to practice some of their skills. Besides, the monthly Pokemon Go Community Day events remain the most popular and appreciated ones in Pokemon Go.

During Community Day events, players have the chance to catch a unique or rare Pokemon, usually a Shiny Pokemon which is like a regular one but with a different outfit and some special moves.

Pokemon Go 0.133.1 Is Now Available On Google Play Store

Pokemon Go is all about searching and collecting Pokemon monsters to complete your Pokedex. It is a fun game to play, especially for the younger ones and the fans of the anime and game series, and it’s also exciting to compete with other Trainers around the world. Pokemon Go is also one of the few games that run smoothly and boast almost no critical bugs. Also, we should congratulate Niantic for launching frequent updates to tackle the issues that might pop up in the game.

As we’ve already said, Pokemon Go 0.133.1 is the latest version of this favorite game, and it is already available on Google Play Store from where you can download and install it for free. However, Pokemon Go boasts in-app purchases.

In case you’re expecting new features, content, or anything like that from the new Pokemon Go 0.133.1, you might be disappointed. This version launched only with several bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

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