Pokemon Go Comes with Smeargle and New Changes

There is one last Pokemon missing from Pokemon Gold and Silver, but it might finally be added in by Pokemon Go.

At the moment Pokemon Go focuses on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’ s pokemons that need to be added in the game, but apparently, there are still some others that we would like having. The reason why the app is late bringing all the smushies in is that their abilities are problematic, in other words meaning that they do not really match the game.

Smeargle is one of the Pokemons that we talked about in the previous paragraph which appeared for the first time in Pokemon Gold and Silver. In the main series games, Smeargle can level up in another way instead of learning moves. Using its Sketch attack, it can copy the moves another Pokemon makes. This is the reason behind Smeargle’s inability to be brought into the game.

However, its problem might have a solution that Pokemon Go has found. Not too much time ago the games switched its Twitter and Facebook cover photos to a picture that shows splattered paint. This might be a clue for what is about to happen as Smeargle is also known as the “Painter Pokemon” which’s tail is never not covered in paint. Even the color from the picture is similar to Smeargle’s default paint color.

Smeargle has never been mentioned by Pokemon Go on its social media, so this might also be just to tease the fans. However, after missing for about two years, fans think that Smeargle can no longer stay out of the game and it is finally the best time for it to come.

Until you wait for Smeargle to be brought to the game, you can take advantage of the Friendship mini-event happening in Pokemon Go this weekend.

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