iOS 12.1.4 Came Out With Various Bugs And Issues

Apple released iOS 12.1.4 as an essential update for both iPhone and iPad users. However, the new iOS version is not going to solve out the issues reported by users of the previous updates. Accordingly, iOS 12.1.4 came out with several bugs and issues, most of which affecting the WiFi and mobile data connections.

Therefore, Apple did not fix the problems of the previous versions. Even more, it looks like the new iOS 12.1.4 also messes up the voice memos, photo thumbnails, and the email app. Furthermore, it also causes problems with AirPods playback and Touch ID.

“I updated iPhone 7 Plus yesterday with update 12.1.4. Cellular data are virtually none existent! .06-.10 speed. Did all the workarounds could find. Even reset the phone. No change. Help,” said one iPhone user on Twitter.

“I went to AT&T to troubleshoot the problem. I’ve restarted the device, took out the SIM, reset network settings, deleted the update and reinstalled 12.1.4, still showing “No Service,” another iPhone user said.

iOS 12.1.4 Came Out With Various Bugs And Issues

“iOS_Update_Disaster 12.1.4 is UTTER FAILURE. Updated XS yesterday and ever since lost the Primary SIM connectivity, Hanging Started, and Rebooting is taking Hell of a Time. Urgent Attention & Corrective Patch needed,” also added a Twitter user disappointed by the recent iOS 12.1.4 update.

The same problems also happened with the previous iOS 12 versions, but many iPhone and iPad users hope that iOS 12.1.4 would finally solve them out. In reality, not only that the iOS 12.1.4 carried over the bugs affecting the WiFi and mobile data connections, but it also added some additional issues, annoying iPhone and iPad users.

Nonetheless, every iPhone and iPad users must install the faulty iOS 12.1.4becausee it contains critical fixes to the audio and video security flaws in Group FaceTime calls, plus that it also fixed the severe Live Photos vulnerability which was already used by hackers.

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