Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – What To Expect From The Future 2-in-1 Device?

Since 2012 when the Microsoft Surface lineup has launched, the giant tech company rolled out many Surface devices, including Surface Book, Laptop, the portable Surface Go, and so on. However, the Surface Pro remained unchanged over time, boasting the same design since the first model rolled out. The future Microsoft Surface Pro 7 2-in1 device could come out with a revamped design, USB-C, and many more. Let’s see what the upcoming Surface Pro 7 might bring.

First, you should know that we don’t have any official information from Microsoft regarding its future Surface Pro 2-in-1 device, so everything presented here comes from rumors. Thus, take everything with a grain of salt until Microsoft comes out with some official details about the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

What To Expect From The Future Microsoft Surface Pro 7?

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to come with a slimmer design

As we’ve already mentioned above, the design of the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup has not changed much since the launch of the first model. Surface Pro 7, however, might come out with a revamped design. According to a patent filed by Microsoft, it’s possible that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to equip a slimmer and redesigned Type Cover with haptic feedback.

Also, the device would come with thinner bezels. In addition to all that, the height of the Surface Pro 7 would be reduced, suggesting a significant change in comparison with the previous generation models.

Would Surface Pro 7 equip USB-C?

While the majority of the other Microsoft’s modern tablets and laptops come with both USB-A and USB-C, Surface Pro models don’t boast a USB-C port. However, the lineup’s fans would love to see USB-C on Surface Pro 7. But how possible would that be?

A patent filed in May 2018 by Microsoft, suggested that the future Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would equip a special magnetic USB-C cable for charging. Accordingly, Surface Pro 7 would indeed boast USB-C but with a tweak.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 might pack Whiskey Lake or Ice Lake CPUs

Back in 2018, Surface Pro 6 was the first in the series to pack new-gen quad-core CPUs, but not the latest Whiskey Lake processors. Therefore, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would be the first to boast either Whiskey Lake or Ice Lake CPUs. Undoubtedly, that would be a significant addition from Microsoft as it would boost the performance of the upcoming Surface Pro 7.

Besides, since Surface Pro 6 launched in October 2018, we should expect Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to come out in October this year, too. However, Microsoft might delay the launch of Surface Pro 7 to 2020.

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