Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event Leaked By Popular Pokemon Go Leaker on Twitter

We know that there will be a 2019 Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event, but Niantic has not yet confirmed it or presented further details. Luckily, the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event leaked on Twitter, thanks to Stardust PokemonGo, a reputable Pokemon Go leaker.

According to him, the special Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Go would start on February 13th and would last up till February 21st. It would boast special bonuses and rewards, as well as Clefairy, Hoppip and Luvdisc Pokemons which would appear more often in the wild.

“Valentine’s Day Event Leak!!! Pokemon Go RT!

  • Start Date: 13th February
  • End Date: 21st February


  • Lures lasting 6 hours
  • Double Candy
  • Clefairy, Hoppip, and Luvdisc will appear more often,” reads the tweet posted by Stardust Pokemon Go.

The starting date for this 2019 Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event is plausible since the current Pokemon Go Lunar New Lunar event would end on February 13th.

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event Leaked, And It Might Come With Gen 4 Pokemon

There are many leaks regarding Pokemon Go, but Stardust PokemonGo has been a reliable leaker so far, the majority of the rumors he made available on Twitter turning out correct, eventually. So, we believe the recent leak about 2019 Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event might also be accurate, but until we get an official confirmation from Niantic, we can’t know for sure.

Anyways, Niantic might confirm the rumors soon, so we’ll all have to be patient about it and wait for the official announcement. In the meantime, we have to discuss other suggestions regarding the 2019 Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event, too.

Some fans of the game also voiced that during the upcoming Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event, new Gen 4 Pokemon monster would reach the game. Most likely, they would be Mime Jr and Happiny, the baby evolutions of Mr. Mime and Chansey, respectively.

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