MWC 2019 To Come With 5G Phones, Foldable Smartphones, and Devices With Multiple Cameras

As we already know, Samsung would present its Galaxy S10 lineup, along with the Galaxy F, its folding smartphone before MWC 2019. But plenty of other manufacturers will reveal their 5G phones, foldable smartphones, devices with multiple cameras, and many more at MWC 2019.

Also, Samsung would participate at the Mobile World Congress 2019 to take advantage of the event to show off with its new Galaxy S10 series and folding smartphone. Huawei would also come up with a foldable smartphone at MWC 2019, and there are rumors that other manufacturers would present similar devices, too.

What would make MWC 2019 special in comparison to the last year’s event is the presentation of the new trends in the smartphone segment, which would possibly define the next ten years or so – 5G, folding designs, and multiple cameras on the back of devices. Since smartphone sales are currently stagnating worldwide, the emergence of foldable smartphones might be the boost this market needs.

MWC 2019 To Come With 5G Phones, Foldable Smartphones, and Devices With Multiple Cameras

Samsung would present three or four new devices at MWC 2019, but some of them could be the Galaxy S10 models or the Galaxy F folding smartphone which the company would officially reveal before MWC. Huawei, for its part, would also come at MWC 2019 with a foldable smartphone with 5G support, reportedly, plus another device.

Oppo will also be at MWC 2019 with one smartphone, most likely the Oppo F11 Pro which would boast a screen without bezels and a 48-mp camera on the back. Another Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi would also come at MWC with two or three phones, one of which would possibly be the Xiaomi Mi 9.

Nokia would present its Nokia 9 PureView which would boast no less than five cameras on its back, OnePlus might reveal its first 5G phone, while Sony might launch its Xperia X4, along with other mid- and high-range devices. Also, LG would be present at MWC 2019 with its LG G8 ThinQ plus other two smartphones, as well.

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