NewPipe Update: Makes Your Life Easier

NewPipe offers a simplified streaming experience for people using Youtube, of which app this one is a well-known client. The goal of NewPipe is to bring its users the very original YouTube make up that we love and miss, back on our devices. With that being said, you will no longer be bothered by permissions/shared data or advertisements while watching your favorite videos. If you want to get this app, you can download it from GitHub as it is open-source. All Android devices support this app.

What are you getting when you download NewPipe?

Users will benefit from a lot of benefits if they use this app including its aspect that is more lightweight than the current one YouTube offers. NewPipe does not consume a significant amount of data, it is small, it is fast, and it also takes care of your battery making sure that it does not remain without life. Another promise that this app makes is to protect your privacy as Google APIs are not used. They only store all data offline on your own device, send the information needed to get video and channel details, and the person who decides what data they keep is you.

What can you do on NewPipe?

If you get NewPipe, you are allowed to customize the downloads the way you want, use and play other services and app while having this one run in the background, subscribe to channels, use a pop-up player feature, re-watching videos through your history and, of course, bookmark. This app is free to get, and you do not have any in-app services to pay for. This is the lightest YouYube app you can get right now and which is also free so that you can stop your searching.

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