Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta for Android Launched With New Features

Opera changed its approach regarding its Android Interner browser and came up with a new variant of the renowned Opera Browser. The new version is a modern-looking one with a more user-friendly interface and a lot of new features and functions to make Internet browsing faster and fun. Now, Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta for Android came out with new features.

Opera Browser for Android comes with a powerful AdBlocker, data saving features, and night theme (dark mode). Also, it packs a reliable download manager, a Private Browsing mode, and personalized newsfeeds. Thanks to these before-mentioned functions and a lot more others, Opera Browser for Android became quite popular, totaling more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store alone.

Among its other features, noteworthy are the Opera Browser sync function (permits users to sync the Android browser with the Windows, iOS, or macOS Opera Browser), the customizable home screen (allows users to add sites on the screen, and those like Facebook or Twitter, for example, can even send push notifications just like their respective apps).

Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta for Android Launched With New Features

The latest final version of the Opera Browser for Android is the Opera Browser 49.2.2361.134358 which is available on Google Play Store. However, the Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta for Android has just come out, and it’s boasting some new features for the beta testers to probe.

If you’re not an Opera Browser beta tester, you can become one by signing up to the program on Opera’s site. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get access to the latest Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta for Android. If that sounds too complicated for you, then you can download the Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta as an APK file and test the new features it packs.

As for the novelties in this new Beta version, Opera Browser 50.0.2426.136094 Beta comes with a built-in VPN service (but access to it depends on your region) and several bug fixes and stability and performance tweaks.

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