Google Chrome Received 12 New Themes, Including A “Just Black” One In A Preview For Dark Mode

Google Chrome on PC and laptops is more customizable than its Android counterpart, for example. You can install various themes to enjoy a new experience with Chrome. Now, directly from the Chrome team, Google Chrome received 12 new themes, including a “Just Black” one which looks like the upcoming dark mode that the company plans to roll out for its browser for Windows.

The best part of these new themes for Google Chrome is that they come straight from the Chrome team. You can add any of these new 12 themes by going to chrome://settings/appearance. Among the new color options to make your experience with Chrome fun and more enjoyable than usual, you’ll also find Just Black.

This Just Black theme is looking like a dark mode, the feature that is so much popular lately and which Google wants to add to Chrome for Windows and Android after it successfully implemented the night mode on its browser version for macOS Mojave to match the system’s own Dark Mode.

Google Chrome Got New Themes, Including a “Just Black” One in a Sort of Preview for The Upcoming Dark Mode

As I’ve already said, Just Black, one of the new themes Google Chrome received, resembles the dark mode that would come soon on Chrome for Windows and Android. Just Black changes the home screen, tabs, bookmarks bar, and everything else in the main interface of Google Chrome from white into black and grey shades. However, the other menus remain white.

Nonetheless, Just Black looks excellent and it’s relaxing when used in low-light conditions. But this sort of dark mode is not the only theme that Google Chrome received recently. There are also some colorful options like the High Contrast Colorful, Pretty in Pink, Banana, Ultra Violet, and more.

Also, there is a classy and relaxing Slate theme colored in dark blue shades. Check the image below to see all the themes released by Chrome team (except for Classic Blue and Black & White, every other theme is new).

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