iPad Mini 5 Planning: Same Design and No Improvements?

Apple’s fan who are already used to seeing their favorite devices company making innovative steps in the technology department might be disappointed when they will find out what is planned for the fifth generation of the iPad Mini. Three years ago its predecessor was released, and it did not come with massive changes from what the third generation iPad Mini offered, and the same will happen with this year’s model.

Same design – no change

Fans were hoping to get a slightly larger display integrated into the iPad Mini 5, but unfortunately, their wishes will not come true all the way. Its overall appearance will not be modified, but one great thing is that the bezels will be narrower and the display’s space increased. Based on what the producers of the pieces that go into this tablet discussed, the thickness of it will keep its 6.1 mm measurement, there will be no modifications in the size, and the bezels will not be minimized.

Apple had a lot of ideas to choose from, but it does not know if they should be followed

Some rumors suggest that the awaited USB-C connector will become the replacement of the Lightning one while the headphone jack measuring 3.5 mm will not be given away. The type of chipset that will be introduced into this tablet has not been decided yet, and people are confused whether it will be the A10x Fusion or the A10 Fusion. The latter powers smartphones like the iPhone 7 while the former equips the iPad Pro models.

Even though these changes do not seem too important, because impressive they surely are not, at least the performance will be improved compared to the one of iPad Mini 5’s predecessor. That could be good enough for people buying their first such tablet from Apple.

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