Nokia 9 PureView, The Smartphone With Five Main Camera, Would Launch In The US Soon

Just a couple of days ago, Nokia 9 PureView obtained the FCC certification. With that occasion, many additional details about this smartphone with five main cameras emerged. Now, another leak revealed that Nokia 9 PureView would launch in the US soon.

The FCC certification showed us that there would be three Nokia 9 PureView variants, as rumored before. One of these versions would be a Single-SIM Nokia 9 PureView, about which we don’t know yet where it will launch. As for the other models, we’ll have a Nokia 9 PureView Dual-SIM (TA-1087) that would be the international variant and another Dual-SIM Nokia 9 PureView dedicated to the Chinese market only.

Also, it’s not clear if all the three variants would come out with Android One. According to the FCC certification, it’s confirmed that only the Chinese Nokia 9 PureView model would equip Android One, while the models available in Taiwan would not. But, at least, we now know for sure that Nokia 9 PureView would boast five main cameras, thanks to a sketch filed by HMD to FCC.

Nokia 9 PureView, The Smartphone With Five Main Camera, Would Launch In The US

As for the recent leak, it suggests that Nokia 9 PureView TA-1087 Dual-SIM variant is going to ship to the US. All that information is available thanks to a retailer sticker posted by FCC. The label mentions the model (TA-1087) and its SKU, the color, which is blue, in this case, the country – USA, and other details that don’t matter for our discussion.

It seems that there is no carrier name mentioned on the sticker, so we should expect that Nokia 9 PureView to roll out across the US as an unlocked smartphone.

As for its technical specs, Nokia 9 PureView boasts a 5.99-inch screen with a 2K resolution with HDR10 support, in-display fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 845, and 6GB RAM and 128 Gb of internal storage.

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