Tips How to Choose Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

Stressing out the importance of data recovery is needless, but we’ll still do it. The reason is that today, there are tons of data recovery programs that can help you overcome the tragedy of such a nightmarish event. This is why it’s impetuous to highlight the importance of finding the best file recovery program.

Data loss can strike you all of the sudden and it can be due to accidental deletion, OS crashes, formatting, hard disk damages, and more unexpected horrible situations that can hit you out of the blue.

This will definitely cause some pretty big problems one way or the other because data loss can take the best memories away from you or maybe vital work documents. This is the moment when your best friend will become a data recovery software for Windows or any free data recovery software. It’s essential that you make the best possible choice because your precious files depend on it.

Tips to find the best data recovery software

There are a lot of programs that can help you retrieve your lost data and it can become quite a challenge to choose the best option for your needs. It’s essential to analyze all the features that each program comes with before making your best bet.

There are a few popular programs that are really appreciated by users these days. You can head over here to check out detailed info on all of them. Don’t forget that it’s essential to check out all the pros of the software but also the cons so that you become aware of the downsides as well in order to be as documented as possible.

The main features that you should generally be looking for in the best software to recover deleted files are the following:

  • It should support a vast list of formats in file.
  • It should work flawlessly for recovering lost data from CD-ROMs and hard disks as well.
  • It should also work on all major Windows versions.
  • The program should maintain a copy of all files that have been moved to a selected folder.
  • The program should nullify any risks posed to the original source.

These are the features that we recommend in the best data recovery software. Now we’ll address the latest hi-quality program that we tested ourselves, and we’ll provide our honest opinion.

Disk Drill data recovery

Disk Drill is a free data recovery software that’s completely compatible with Windows. What we; liked about the product was that we were able to recover data completely, efficiently and quickly – three of the most critical aspects in the recovery process. Using Disk Drill, we retrieved all types of data such as documents, music, videos, pictures and so on.

The Recovery Vault is a feature that provides an additional layer for the Recycle Bin, and it came in handy. It maintained a backup reference for the files that have been deleted. Another excellent functionality that the software has and impressed us was the Guaranteed Recovery which maintains a copy of every single file that has been moved to Recycle Bin.

While using the software, we were also able to create files in the ISO, IMG or DMG formats which enabled us to search for data in a clone. This way, any risk to the original source became zero.

All in all, we find the Disk Drill to be one of the best options for free data recovery software, so we totally recommend you check it out yourself. You can find out more info on it here.

Good luck in recovering all your lost files!

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