Pokemon Go Community Day of February 2019 Features Swinub, Bonuses, and More

We’re only one day away from a new Pokemon Go Community Day. This month’s event would feature Swinub, a Ground/Ice-type monster introduced initially in Pokemon Gold and Silver, some special bonuses, and more.

The Pokemon Go Community Day of February 2019 would start tomorrow, February 16th, following the next schedule for all regions:

  • The Americas and Greenland
    • 11 AM – 2 PM PT
    • 2 PM – 5 PM ET
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
    • 10 AM – 1 PM UTC
  • Asia-Pacific
    • 12 PM – 3 PM JST (February 17)

Pokemon Go Community Day of February 2019 Features Swinub

During Community Day event in Pokemon Go, Niantic is usually designating one rare Pokemon that would spawn more frequently in the wild, while the players would also have the opportunity to capture it in its Shiny form. For this month’s Community Day, Niantic features Swinub, a Ground/Ice-type monster that appeared for the first time in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Also, if gamers manage to evolve Swinub into is evolution form, Mamoswine, within one hour after the event ends, Mamoswine would come with the Rock-type attack Ancient Power as its special move. However, to evolve Swinub, you would need Sinnoh Stones, a new evolutionary item which, in Pokemon Go, players can obtain in PvP Trainer Battles.

During February 2019 Pokemon Go Community Day, Niantic made it easier for us to get Sinnoh Stones, offering up to five Sinnoh Stones from Trainer Battles.

This Month’s Pokemon Go Community Day Also Comes With Special Bonuses

Besides featuring one rare Pokemon, each Community Day comes with special bonuses. This Pokemon Go Community Day of February 2019 brings gamers the opportunity to win up to three times the usual amount of Stardust for catching Pokemon monsters. In addition to that, every Lure Modules you’ll activate would remain as such for three hours instead of the standard 30 minutes.

Undoubtedly, this month’s Pokemon Go Community Day will be very exciting, as always.

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