First 2019 iPhone Models Would Be Red iPhone XS and XS Max

At the moment, both iPhone XS and XS Max are only available in silver, black, and gold. However, that would change this month when Apple plans to launch red iPhone XS and XS Max as its first 2019 iPhone models.

The rumor came out thanks to a post on Weibo, the most famous Chinese social network. MacRumors took the information and presented it yesterday. According to Weibo, it seems that the new red iPhone XS and XS Max would only be available in China as the iPhone sales in this country are much lower than expected. However, Apple might not limit the sales for its upcoming iPhone XS and XS Max in red color only to China.

The report on Weibo also says that red variants of iPhone XS and XS Max would come out later this month. “Apple globally launched a mid-cycle (PRODUCT)RED edition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in March 2017 and a similar edition for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in April 2018, so the timing wouldn’t be completely off. Apple already sells a (PRODUCT)RED variant of the iPhone XR,” MacRumors pointed out.

First 2019 iPhone Models Would Be Red iPhone XS and XS Max

On the other hand, as regards the other iPhone of the 2018 lineup, “Apple’s iPhone XR has had a red color variant since launch. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple release red versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max, to drum up sales,” Business Insider highlighted.

“If there’s any weight to today’s rumor of a red iPhone XS and XS coming to China, it could potentially signal the early launch of PRODUCT(RED) versions for the rest of the world, although nothing is certain. Rumors last year of a mid-cycle PRODUCT(RED) edition of the iPhone X never transpired, for example,” MacRumors reported.

In short, according to a rumor coming from Weibo, Apple might launch its first 2019 iPhone models this month – iPhone XS and XS Max in red color. However, both devices, which initially rolled out in 2018, won’t come out with any other changes except the new color.

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