MX Player 1.10.43 Is Now Available With Lots Of New Features and Improvements

MX Player, developed by J2 Interactive, is one of the most powerful video players and streaming app for Android. It comes with hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, and many other features that focus on playing vids at maximum quality. Now, MX Player 1.10.43 is available with lots of new features and improvements, plus additional content for Indian users.

As mentioned above, MX Player comes with hardware acceleration, meaning that it’s using the device’s configuration to run videos at their maximum quality. Also, thanks to the multi-core decoding function, MX Player can play videos smoother on multi-core Android devices than on single-core ones. Besides, it runs vids at much higher quality on quad-core smartphones than on dual-core ones, for example.

Nonetheless, MX Player supports virtually any subtitle format and gesture control to zoom in/zoom out, increase fonts size, scroll forward/backward to move to next/previous text, and many more. Also, gesture control helps users zoom and pan the screen while the videos are playing, offering better control over the playback without needing to access additional menus.

MX Player 1.10.43 Is Now Available With Lots Of New Features and Improvements

The new MX Player 1.10.43 came out today and brings lots of new changes, including features and improvements, and exclusive content for Indian users of the app. According to the official release notes, the MX player 1.10.43 rolled out with the following modifications:

  • We have applied a fresh coat of paint on MX.
  • Now featuring grid view with larger thumbnails.
  • Improved thumbnail caching and loading of local videos.

As for the novelties dedicated to Indian users of MX Player 1.10.43, the release notes state the following:

  • Online Streaming: Best in class TV Shows, Web Series, Movies and much more at your fingertips.
  • MX Originals: Wait no more, our Original shows will meet all your entertainment needs!
  • Music: Now Enjoy Unlimited access to your favorite Bollywood, Regional and International hit songs.

MX Player 1.10.43 is already available on the Google Play Store with all its new features and improvements.

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